Second Step Grade 5

This year we will begin teaching Second Step in fifth grade.  The Second Step middle school program is a universal, classroom-based program that addresses the core competencies and problematic behaviors shown to affect students' success in school and in life. Lessons will be taught on a bi-weekly bases, and will include an in-class lesson as well as a Home Link component.  Students will be sent home with the Home Link for each lesson, however they are also available to download and print here.  Both Spanish and English versions are available.  The main topics that will be covered this year are Empathy and Communication, recognizing and preventing mean spirited behaviors, emotion management, problem solving, and substance abuse prevention.

Classroom Instruction


 September 20, 2017  Pre-Assessment and Feedback Session  
 October 4, 2017  Empathy and Respect  Unit 1 Lesson 1
 October 18, 2017  Empathy and Respect cont.  
 November 1, 2017  Listening with Attention   Unit 1 Lesson 2
 November 15, 2017  Listening with Attention cont.  
 November 29, 2016  Being Assertive   Unit 1 Lesson 3