December 2019 Designed by Gabrielle W.

Individual December Students and Athletes of the Month

November 2019 Designed by Brendan HV, Christopher H, and David R

Individual November Students and Athletes of the Month

October 2019 Designed by Jack F., Elliot K., Arsalan Z., and Christopher L.

Individual October Students and Athletes of the Month

September 2019 Designed by Abby D. and Jamison F.

Individual September Students and Athletes of the Month

Student of the Month Criteria

Westbrook Middle School students of the month demonstrate excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom, are well mannered, have a positive attitude toward others and toward learning, and are respectful to both peers and adults. Students of the month display excellent citizenship by aligning themselves with the Westbrook Middle School school-wide expectations of Respect, Responsibility, and Safety and consistently strive to achieve academic success.  Lastly, students of the month show exemplary character through their compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, optimism, and loyalty while creating a positive school environment.