Athletics Registration Step-by-Step

Students cannot register themselves for a sport.  Registration must be completed through a parent/guardian PowerSchool account.

If you have already created a Parent Account in PowerSchool, skip steps 2 – 4

If you are creating a Parent Account for the first time, please use Google Chrome to complete the registration process, do not use Internet Explorer.

Step 1: Please go to

Step 2: Click Create Account Tab.

Step 3: Fill in your first name, last name, email address, a desired username and a password you will remember.

Step 4: Enter your child’s name, Access ID (if you do not know this information please contact the main office and Mrs. Anderson will be able to give you that information), Access Password (same as the access ID, if you do not know please contact the Mrs. Anderson), relationship to the student (Parent or Guardian). Click Submit and it will prompt you to sign in.

Step 5: Sign in using the username and password you created.

Step 6: Once you are signed in, on the left hand side of the screen under Navigation, please select Athletics Registration.

Step 7: Click the check box for “I want to register my student for participation in Fall Sports.”

Step 8: Please pull down the selection menu and select the sport for which your child wishes to play.

Step 9: Please watch/read any and all videos/forms that require you to sign off. Please then click “I agree” and sign your name.

Step 10: Please make sure all the information in the Emergency Contact Information is correct, if there are any changes please notify Mrs. Vincent in the Main Office of that change.

Click Submit!